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  • Server type:Normal
  • Online:300
  • Server number:1
  • Redirects:1634
Server Chronicle: Season 6 Exclusive
All heroes: 1 LVL / 5 Points
Max stats: 32767
We are the same guys who have been playing at MU for several years and finally decided to make our own project. We are not snickering admins who do not care about the opinion of the players and who want to fill their pockets with money. We do everything for the players, because we ourselves know what it is like to sit and beat cuts and go gold for days on end. We are always open to criticism, new ideas and suggestions.
Game version: Season 6 Premium
Experience rate: x10
Ml experience rate: 5%
Rate on drop: 30%
Max Level: 400 | Max Level ML: 400
Max stats: 32000 | Mu Helper: from level 1
Creating a Guild: level 350 | Max number of players in the Guild: 20
Max number of Alliance guilds: 3 | Elf helper up to: 25lvl (5reset)
Max Reset: 100 | Max Grand reset: 10
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